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S block released it’s wallet giving users the ability to earn passively depositing BTC, ETH, LTC OR USDT into their master staking program.https://app.sblock.com/
sblock wallet referral : sblock08

Opening Price Of SBO Started At $1.00, 18 days later the SBO price surges to $1.87 out performing similar super wallets.

Unlike other wallets out there S block allows users to swap SBO tokens for BTC. This is the 1st super wallet that allows users to exchange/swap Their SBO token for BTC.

Get Started With S Block 

S BLOCK is powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology, enabling anonymous and secure transactions across its decentralized distributed network. The Wormhole Protocol enables S BLOCK to be interoperable between different digital assets and process multi-currency transactions. Beyond the safe storage of cryptocurrencies, S BLOCK also integrates its management of digital assets with its own token, SBO, and offline payments network, S Pay. This provides enhanced retail experiences for users. Finally, a stringent approach to appreciate the value of SBO guarantees rewards for S BLOCK users.

Having undergone rigorous stress-testing and meticulous design, the user-centric digital wallet gives users access to the many functions and capabilities of S BLOCK and its Interstellar Protocols, providing a seamless experience to manage personal finances.

Multi-currency savings

The S BLOCK Digital Wallet holds multiple cryptocurrencies, and channels these savings towards various instruments to generate revenue for the user.

Interstellar Quantitative Trading

The S BLOCK ecosystem includes a quantitative trading module. Partnering with over 40 top global quantitative trading hedge funds, S BLOCK utilizes proprietary AI technology and high-dimensional data analysis to constantly out-perform the market.

MasterNodes PoS Mining Pool

In Proof of Stake (PoS) and Delegated PoS (DPoS), users are able to ‘mine’ SBO transactions based on their amount of stake. The higher the user’s stake, the more chances of being a MasterNode, and hence earning more profits.

Interstellar Loan Contract

A user may loan SBO to increase his stake, enabling him to greater capitalize on the quantitative trading and mining pool benefits. The higher profits can be used to finance the Loan Contract.

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Users can earn 6% To 15% Passive Monthly Income…


Min ON AI (Btc, Eth, Ltc, ) 
$10 For Passive
$ 300 For Networking

Estimate Daily Passive Income
0.2% to 0.5%

Matching Bonus 10 Level (Direct Introduce 10 person with $300 minimum savings to qualify 10 level).
Level 1 : 100%
Level 2 to 10 : 10%

Matching Bonus 15 Level (Direct Introduce 15 person with $300 minimum savings to qualify 15 level).
Level 1 : 100%
Level 2 to 10 : 10%
Level 11 to 15 : 5%

S BLOCK Rank Achievement
Achieved $200,000 Group Sales Volume from total 15 level — Automatically attain the rank of Planet and qualify to enjoy extra 5% Infinity Bonus Starting from Level 1 to infinity..

See S Block Compensation Plan Below:https://app.sblock.com/
sblock wallet referral : sblock08